100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 86

Arc 2.61: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofread by Lynn. 

Translated by Boo 

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The mission was almost complete after the online gathering.

As for Lin Xinxin….

She came to see Don Mo many times afterwards, but all she got was the other party’s indifferent attitude.

She had probably realized what she had lost, but that loss was of her own making.

No one was to blame.

Ever since then, Yu Chu hadn’t been playing the game much.  When she occasionally did go to the forums, she could still read the various stories about Meow Meow and S. There were a lot of versions circulating.

S… It  probably really became a legend.

As for the school, after a certain god accompanied her to class, the campus forum exploded that day.

After that, a lot of boys and girls, for various reasons, expressed their desire to make friends with Yu Chu, whose attitude was neither cold nor indifferent, but politely distant.

Gradually, understanding her attitude, tactful people would not bother her.  

Afterwards, it was heard that Li Rong and Lin Xinxin had a falling out over something. Li Rong’s expression was still awful whenever she saw Yu Chu. However the good thing was, she would not take the initiative to pick a fight.

The second semester of sophomore year flowed/slipped by.  At the end of the year, Yu Chu was packing her things in a big bag, ready to go home for New Year’s Eve.  The young man next to her handed over her things while pursing his lips, saying nothing as he silently sulked.

Yu Chu thought about it and felt that during the whole winter vacation, to not be able to see each other for half a day, he would feel aggrieved. It should be … Very difficult. 

She laughed unkindly, then leaned in for a stolen kiss and told the red-faced young man, “I’ll buy the earliest possible ticket back.”

Su Yanbai gave a low “hmmm.”

However, just half a month later on the Spring Festival.  After dinner, Yu Chu was watching the Spring Festival Gala with Don Mum, Don father was lying on the side of the sofa drinking a little wine.  Don Mo didn’t watch the Spring Festival Gala and went upstairs to play games.

After a few minutes, Don Mo suddenly ran down, splitting his head and yelling at Yu Chu, “Sister, your delivery has arrived.  Go out and get it.”

Yu Chu was confused.

Don mother who was next to her, said in surprise, “This is New Year’s Eve, couriers are still working? What did you buy?”

“I…” Yu Chu opened his mouth, but she saw Don Mo desperately making eyes at him.

She swallowed the words that were about to come out, and shook her head instead, “I … I forgot what I bought, too.”

Don mother did not ask many questions.

Yu Chu stood up, opened the door, and walked down the stairs.

The yard was covered in snow, shining brightly even on a dark night.

She came out from being inside, so she wasn’t wearing much, and now she felt a prickly chill.

When she stepped out into the courtyard, she saw a man.

Long and tall, with soft, jet-black, crushed hair, looking over with eyes as pretty as jewels, with an indifferent expression.

He wore a black trench coat and a warm scarf that covered half of his exquisite face.

White snow and black clothes, set off the man’s incredibly pretty eyebrows and slightly soft eyes.

He stretched out his slender arms.

Yu Chu opened her eyes wide.

The surprise of that moment was indescribable. At once she ran over and pounced on him, throwing herself into his arms at once.

Her thin clothes made contact with the man’s warm sweaters. The temperature was cool but the heart was warm.  

The young man held open his trench coat and wrapped her in. Then he undid the scarf around his neck and gently wrapped the girl in it.

His cold eyebrows against the color of the snow looked increasingly colder.  However, his voice was warm, “New Year’s gift. Do you like it?”

Yu Chu was startled, “… What gift?”

The man laughed and pointed to himself, “Me.”

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