100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 83

Arc 2.58: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofread by Lynn. 

Translated by Boo 

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The good-looking youth looked down at the phone screen, then gently put the phone away and looked up.

As he raised his head up, the girls in the entire hall seemed to have all of their hearts shaking/trembling.

Too handsome.

The eyebrows were delicate and pretty, the temperament was slightly cold, and the pupils in those eyes were dark and cool, hidden under long lashes.

By just simply standing there, it could be seen clearly at once that there was a sense of reserved nobility, aristocratic to the bones.  

Who was this guy?

Forget about One Leaf Boat, even the Brilliant Gangmaster who showed up this afternoon couldn’t be compared to him at all!

The crowd looked over at Li Haorui as well.

Su Yanbai?

He played this game, too?

The other man’s overly delicate and beautiful face made his heart swell with displeasure, but it was well suppressed.

The girls were blushing and their hearts palpitating, pushing and shoving, but none of them dared to come forward to speak.

The other guy’s appearance was indeed too perfect.  He gave off the impression that he came from a  family of prestige, it made people unable to work up the courage to strike up a conversation.

However, the young man, who was being watched by everyone, seemed not to have noticed his extremely strong presence at all.  His beautiful jewel-like eyes lifted up and quietly gazed at the revolving escalator that connected the first and second floors.

His expression was indifferent while he pursed his lip.

A minute or so later, when several figures appeared on the stairs, the boy’s long lashes suddenly moved.

His face remained expressionless, though, but his thin lips smoothened out, betraying a slight hint of delight.

The girls, who were keenly observing, saw this and were stunned, looked towards the stairs. 

Several people were coming down from there.

Su Yan Bai’s presence was so strong that he could always be seen at a glance in the crowd. And the moment those sights fell on him, Lin Xinxin and the young man hugging her froze, their footsteps subconsciously slowing down.

Don Mo and Yu Chu did not change their expression.

With a smile on her face, the girl quickened her pace and walked straight towards the man after descending the stairs.

Seeing her face clearly, everyone’s eyes widened in shock as they watched her action.

On the other side of the hall, the face of the beautiful young man, the coldness of his appearance slightly eased, dark pupils turned soft, as if the winter snow was melting at the beginning of spring.

He reached out a long, white hand and held the girl, his long lashes quivered, his lips raised.

The one who was cold as ice just a moment ago now raised his pretty eyes and whispered something to the person in his arms, then looked away, his fair face blushing slightly.

Yu Chu laughed with a somewhat helpless expression and went on her tiptoes to pinch his earlobe, “I miss you too.”

… But it had only been a day.

The man was… kinda sticky.

Complaining sweetly in her heart, Yu Chu turned back and looked at the other two people who were staring at the same spot.

She smiled and introduced herself to the young man, “My boyfriend, also in the 085 suit…”

She paused, looking at the startled faces throughout the hall, and quirked her lips slightly badly, “…. S.”

The whole hall was so quiet that a drop of a needle could be heard. 

— S!

That was god S!

Number one on every single leaderboard, never participated in any events, never opened voice-chat in group battles, cold to the point of being almost impersonal, rich to the point of throwing money away, rumored to be an uncle, a woman, and various other images thereof–S!

A male, a young man.

A young man so good-looking that it was inconceivable.

It was as if he came out of of a comic book, clean with a reserved beauty.  

Oh My God!

At this instant, players from all over the country seemed to be in a trance.

This mental shock.

Simply, beyond words!

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