100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 78

Arc 2.53: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofread by Lynn. 

Translated by Boo 

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The originally noisy lobby seemed to have quieted down in an instant, and everyone’s line of sight casted over.

Players were waiting for the girl to answer.

Lin Xinxin was caught off guard by this question, Yu Chu glanced at her and wondered how to answer. Suddenly, there was another person’s footstep from behind her.  

The handsome boy walked down the red carpet and glanced at the crowded place.

His eyes stopped on Li Haorui and frowned imperceptibly.

He came and stood silently beside Yu Chu.

The young man was very tall and the body had a very clean temperament, which made the girls’ eyes brighten again.

Another handsome guy.

Dong Mo’s appearance was not the kind of exquisite handsome like Li Haorui, but sunny and cheerful, girls also  loved this.

So when the two people stood together, each seemed to have their own advantages, they made the girls excited, some even secretly took out their mobile phones, ready to take pictures of the two in the same frame.

Lin Xinxin’s eyes also brightened for a moment.

She did not expect that Dong Mo, who was dressed casually, would have the same feeling of being on equal footing with Li Haorui in appearance. 

Thinking of Don Mo’s attentive attitude towards herself, she felt a little proud.

The whispers of the girls around her made her eager to show off Don Mo’s consideration to her.

Seeing that he did not say a word and stood quietly beside Yu Chu, Lin Xinxin smile, whispered, “Hi A-Mo, you are here.”

Someone whispered in amazement in the back, “What is this situation, how Hera Apple’s knows every handsome guy? She deserves to be called beautiful…”

“Yeah, damn it, so envious, I like that little handsome guy, he has a good body.”

Lin Xinxin’s mouth rose in deflection and smiled softly at Don Mo, she did not notice that her attitude was much softer than before.

If it had been like this before, to be treated like this by her, Don Mo would have been unable to find the North. 

But this time, the young man looked at her in silence, but turned to stare at Li Haorui.

In the end, he turned back and looked at Yu Chu, and did not even bother with Lin Xinxin, , “The luggage is already put away, you are tired, just go back to rest well.”

Onlookers looked at each other.

The atmosphere suddenly had a moment of strangeness.

Lin Xinxin who took the initiative to say hello, but did not get a response, could imagine how embarrassing it was.

All the girls looked at her with a faintly discernible gaze, they got together and whispered something.

Lin Xinxin could not hear what they were saying, but felt that they were mocking her, her pretty face was turning red and looking at Don Mo with anger and frustration.

Li Haorui also followed Don Mo’s words and smiled, “Yes, if you are tired, go to rest first.”

The girls looked back and forth, and could not help but guess, their expression subtle. 

Two people were very concerned about Meow Meow. But didn’t Meow Meow have a boyfriend?

Someone whispered, “Well, this is…”

Dong mo looked to the crowd, point to his head, introduce himself, “I am the long river round sunset.”

“God of the river!” All the players were stunned.

One of the God of the river sunset was also from  085 server, in the matching team, often with others brush copy, his in game player evaluation  were very good.

This…. Another God. 

Seeing the great Gods, who are also very excellent in reality, surrounding Meow Meow, caring and attentive towards her, the gazes of the people couldn’t help but turned weird while looking at Meow Meow.

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