100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 77

Arc 2.52: The Online Game God is Very Pure

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Translated by Boo 

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Yu Chu did not really want to have anything to do with Li Haorui, to make my God unhappy. “Like” Li Haorui’s matter.  As a matter of  fact, there was no way to explain.

Even if she was clear that it wasn’t her fault, there was still no way to explain it to great god.

Moreover, no matter how much assurance was given, the “self” once handed over ‘m’ love letter, it was irrefutable.  

Yu Chu had a good habit of thinking about others, so when she thought about her own monopolistic desire, she wanted to be as far away from Li Haorui as possible, as to set a good example for the great god.

She smiled, with a slightly cold look, a sign of politeness and alienation, “Senior.”

Her lukewarm attitude, let the gossipmongers understand the truth–it seemed, really was a Ye bian had a unilateral crush on Meow Meow!

In addition, she said, what….


Some people looked at Yu Chu in amazement, couldn’t help blurting out, “You, you are also from Tidu University?”

Yu Chu did not speak, but Li Haorui gave a good-natured smile, and explained to her, “It is my junior.”

Everyone’s jaw dropped to the floor.

Another master!

Was it popular for school tyrants to  play games these days?

And next to her–Lin Xinxin, who had been neglected all this time, was finally unable to keep up the pretense.

She had thought of stepping on Yu Chu, but the other side had become the focus again and again.

She wanted to show off her relationship with Li Haorui, but Li Haorui was obviously more interested in Yu Chu.

She gnashed her teeth in anger, and could not help but ask, “Chu Chu, will the great God S come?”

When she asked this, she still had a smile on her face, but she quietly caught a glimpse of Li Haorui. 

The reason why she suddenly asked this, of course, was to remind the game players that Meow Meow had a boyfriend.

Moreover, according to Lin Xinxin’s estimation, perhaps that most people, like themselves, would guess that S was an old and ugly middle-aged man. The truth should be pretty much the same.

She wanted to attract the player’s mind to Yu Chu’s “character”.

In addition, she was also reminding Li Haorui.

She had to hold back her anger, she really didn’t understand why someone with Yu Chu character, who had clearly found a rich old man, but Li Haorui was still paying attention to her?

After Lin Xinxin asked this question, the players were shocked and immediately raised their ears.

This was a topic everyone cared about.

The mysterious God S, will he end up coming or not?

And what did he look like?


At this time, the great god, who was on the mind of every player, was on the plane getting ready to sleep.

He took out the dark sleeping mask and looked out the window, then raised his wrist to check his wristwatch for the time.

A few more hours.

He lowered his eyelashes, put down his white wrist, carelessly looked out the window, his profile outlined the coldness on his face with a little trace of grievance. 

The time was so slow.

He blinked.

Ignoring the constant gaze of the little girl sitting in the front row, rebuffed the beautiful stewardess’ attempts at conversation, the young man frowned slightly, the blindfold arbitrarily mounted on the smooth chin, and turned on the phone with a slender index finger.

Staring silently at the last message on the phone screen, he didn’t look away until the broadcast prompted him to turn it off, paused and put the phone close to his heart. 

The delicate teenager with an expressionless face, with slightly cold eyes, and  hanging eyelashes, affixed his cell phone to his heart, his thin lips slightly pursed and his eyes held a slightly soft gaze.  

Cherish. Sweet helplessness. 

The girls who were secretly watching him were all invariably startled … 

It was easy to see.

He was.. He was missing someone. 

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