100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 72

Arc 2.47: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofreaders by Kin Gige and Lynn. 

Translated by Boo 

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The young man bit his lips and finally reached out to push her. Averting his eyes, he said, “I will take a cold shower.”

He sat by the bedside, his pajamas wrapped around his long, straight legs, his fair skin flushed a bit red beneath the slightly opened collar. His fingers gently pulled the collar and his slightly disheveled hair covered his dark eyes.

Yu Chu’s face burned, but her heart was helpless.

Unexpectedly, he’s so pure…..

He doesn’t know anything.

Feeling helpless and soft, her face was getting hotter and hotter. She grabbed the man’s hand after looking into his clear eyes, she bit her lips and said, “… I… I will help you.”

The young man was dumbfounded.

He leaned on the head of the bed, she laid on his slender body, and he looked up with a pair of confused eyes, “What…”

With her lips pursed, her fingers slipped into his pajamas as her fingertips gently traced his hard and beautiful abdominal muscles.

The young man opened his eyes wide.

He finally made another expression other than his usual indifferent and cold face. He almost immediately bit his thin and beautiful lips and turned his eyes away, so as not to spit out any lewd moans from his lips.

The soft silk pajama was loosened by his long and fair fingers and his sharp nose was immediately covered in sweat as the young man’s fair cheeks flushed with lust.

“… No…”

His white pajama was sticking onto his clear skin. The young man could not help but spit out a low moan as he lifted his hands helplessly.  The skin of his wrist was white and dazzling, and he tried to cover up his eyes.

His dark eyes were overflowing with tears of lust and it looked pitiful.

To be honest, Yu Chu originally thought that it was normal for his girlfriend to do so, but now she suddenly felt that she was actually a strange aunt who was bullying a beautiful young man.

This, This person… So pure.

Listening to the intermittent gasping and whimpering from his thin lips, Yu Chu panicked and gently pulled down his hand and kissed him.

The man’s half-opened eyes shone brightly, his eyelashes quivered as he kissed her in response.

At the end, the young man rested on the bed as he gasped. With his messy hair covering his forehead and his cheeks flushed, it created an aesthetic picture.

He held her tightly, burying his head in her neck as he breathed quietly and kept quiet.

The girl blushed, “I… I will wash my hands, ahem, it’s late now so sleep…”


The usually quiet man suddenly became very sticky. His cold voice was calm with a hint of affection and spoilt coquettishness.

“Don’t sleep, don’t go back.”

Yu Chu blinked.

“So, you are just gonna hug me all night?”

The young man suddenly  paused and slowly loosened his hands. He glanced at her and bit his lips, “Anyways… Don’t go.”


Yu Chu felt this was funny. She went to the bathroom to wash her hands and when she came back, she saw him buried under the quilt, only revealing his red ears.

…Um. I wonder how shy a person would be who flushes red with a kiss.

She coughed and took a step towards the door, “Well, I’d better go back…”

However, the man on the bed reached out his white fingers and gently pulled down the blanket, revealing his exquisite cheeks and pitch-dark eyes looking over as he bit his lip: “Don’t.”

He lifted the blanket and got out of bed barefoot. He held her and turned back towards the bed. His face was red, but his tone remained firm: “Do not go back, sleep here.”

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