100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 71

Arc 2.46: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofreaders by Kin Gige, Lynn.

Translated by Boo 

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With his white fingers gently putting down the book, Su Yanbai calmly looked at the girl in front of him, and gently pursed his lips.

The young man slightly lowered his head, long lashes like the fluttering wings of a butterfly, beautiful tight jaw lines, lips covered the girl’s lips and paused slightly before entering deep, pressing and searching.

In the midst of their heavy breathing, the young man’s dark eyes deepened as he panted slightly.

His beautiful eyes were covered with a thin mist, his lips and tongue intertwined, his fair face reddened and his thick eyelashes trembled uncontrollably.

The kiss was long and intense. It was not until the calm-looking young man raised his hand as his long, white fingers pressed against the shoulders of the girl in front of him, and he turned his head sideways, that Yu Chu could catch her breath before blinking her eyes and looking up at him.

The young man’s lips were bright red and his eyes looked calm but hidden under it were ripples.

[Note: Guessing he is controlling his desires.]

His breathing was a bit hurried and his collarbones were undulating as his white teeth bit into his beautiful lower lip, and his eyes glimmered.

Tilting his head slightly, the young man’s voice was of a peculiar hoarseness after kissing, “… Chu Chu.”


“Nothing…” He slowed down his breathing and fixed his eyes on a particular spot. His face was expressionless but his voice had softened down, “Just wanted to call you…”

Such a soft and beautiful young man made the girl squint her eyes as she stared at his calm and delicate face and bright red earlobes before she leaned in towards him with a bad intention.

Her soft lips sucked in one of his bright red earlobes and she felt the young man become stiff. Yu Chu couldn’t help but smile. She suddenly revealed her small, sharp canines, moved down and bit his sexy adam’s apple.

The young man let out a moan, his long fingers held onto her shoulders, his dark eyes were lowered and his eyelashes covered the bottom of his eyes as he tightly bit his lips.

He encircled the girl as his white forehead was covered in sweats, his cheeks slightly flushed, and his brows furrowing.

He was panting slightly and his voice was soothing to the ears; it was deep and mellow but at the same time extremely arousing, “Chuchu…”

The fragrant breath lingered on his lips, and he bit her lips again as his drooping eyelashes helplessly trembled.

He had always been quiet and had never been so helpless and aggrieved. His lips were almost bitten off.

At present, the young man’s look was too tempting. Yu Chu’s face became slightly hot as she coughed and said in a small voice, “You… Yourself…”

In the meantime, the young man looked up at her in confusion, knitted his delicate eyebrows and his voice, tormented by lust, was low and provocative as he gasped a bit while narrowing his eyes: “…. What?”

Yu Chu was stunned, and suddenly thought of a possibility…

Such a pure God, maybe…

The experienced Yu Chu hesitantly moved closer and asked, “You, have you ever seen that sort of films?

The other person was confused, “What kind of film?”

“Well, then you must have seen your roommate, cough…”

Su Yanbai had no idea what she was talking about so he answered in a low voice, “… Didn’t live in a dorm.”

“…” Oh shit. it’s over.

The hoodlum Yu Chu watched him silently.

The person in front of him seemed to be really uncomfortable, with raised eyebrows, half-opened watery eyes, sweet red lips slightly opened gasping for breath, and dense sweat beads at the tip of the nose.

She finally asked blushing, “Well, what do you do in times like this?”

The man glanced at her.

He bit his lips and maintained his expression. With a calm face and misty eyes, he replied, “Normal psychological phenomena… It’ll be good after a cold shower.”

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