100 Ways to Get the Male God Chapter 70

Arc 2.45: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofread by Lynn.

Translated by Boo 

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It was a very seductive sentiment.

But the man’s words were taken seriously, with no sense of humor.

He was serious.

The long fingers were stretched on both sides, and Yu Chu blushed, so she turned her head and stared at the fair hand on the side of her head, coughing, “Well… Um… Okay.”

Seeing her embarrassment and confused attitude, the young man’s eyes narrowed, and his clear and pleasant voice lowered, and he gently asked, “What?”

Yu Chu glanced at him, staring at herself in his dark beautiful eyes, and then biting her lips with red cheeks and her wild gaze said, “… Don’t like people.”

She suddenly went on to play the female rogue, wrapping her hands around the neck of a young man, and winking at half a glance, “Like you, Like you the most, just like you, okay?”

The man narrowed his eyes.

It seemed that he had eased his emotions (calm down), which was shown by the slight sparkle in his dark eyes.

He gently lowered his head, he put his head against the girl’s neck, her soft broken hair falling and sweeping across her cheek.

“Agreed, you can’t lie to me.”

Cool, quiet voice soft.

When Yu Chu heard his faint voice, her heart softened and gently nodded.

After a while, I suddenly felt wrong.

I promised everything..

What about this guy?

She pushed the boy, “Well, what about you? You’ll only, uh, just like me?”

The man looked up with a faint scent in his breath. He slightly raised his delicate eyebrows.

Dark eyes, calm eyes gazing at the girl, closed her lips and said, “There is no future.”

Yu Chu was stunned.

Before the girl could get angry, the eyes of the young man were calm and gentle.

He whispered, “No future. And now…”

His gaze rested on the girl’s lips. The young man hesitated for a bit, biting on his lip. On his pale and beautiful face, a streak of a beautiful shade of crimson slowly appeared.

His eyelashes slightly bowed, thin, soft lips clasped against the lips of the person below him, his eyelashes tremble gently and his lips are sipped, “Always.”


I liked it without knowing what to do.

He blinked his eyes, his black eyelashes trembled, and then he looked away.

With a light weight, the man’s long fingers held the back of the sofa, gently turning down.

He stood up on the couch, Yu Chu watched the young man walk back to bed, and picked up the book, he was slightly shy and he was very calm. 

“It’s not early. Go back to bed.”

The white finger lifted the quilt by the bed, and the young man held the book in a safe manner, and looked down.

The warm light at the bedside reflected his white pajamas and his skin was fair and bright. Half of the clavicle was exposed from the collar was beautifully shaped and stunning color.

Yu Chu thought, she hadn’t displayed her real skills yet, the other side was not angry… It was kind of a disappointment. 

She blinked and thought, I’m going to have a little fun.

She climbed onto the bed, and pulled away the book from young man’s hands.

The young man’s long, straight leg was bent at an angle, with one hand on his knee, his bare ankle was fair and beautiful. The girl held her hands on the both sides of his waist and blinked, “… Good night kiss.”

The young man was frightened. 

Later, he gently looked away, and his clear face gradually filled with a bit of red and smile.

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