100 Ways to Get the Male God Chapter 69

Arc 2.44: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofread by Lynn.

Translated by Boo

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After taking a bath, holding the idea of coax, yuchu knocked on the door of the great god, hands folded chest against the door, frowning to think about the way to let people calm down.

To be honest, it was a little surprising that the man would be so angry…

 It wasn’t her own emotion.

Although from Great God’s perspective,  that was her.

Well, he was  angry that I used to like someone else…

Yu Chu frowned and thought quietly.

If I knew that Great God once liked other people… I’m afraid that I would  feel hurt and angry.

It was hard to understand.

… All right, it was her fault.

She sighed, and as soon as the door opened, she smiledand lookedup at the person inside, “Uh, are you going to sleep?”

After asking this, I quietly spurned myself, what kind of nonsense was this.

The young man looked at her in silence.

His dark, wet hair, as if there was a mist obscuring  his beautiful eyes, his body gave off a faint scent/fragrant and his white face looked pale.

The white pajamas are lined with dark pupils, white as snow and it always gave him the appearance of looking fine and beautiful. 

He gave her a slight glance before he put down his hand, which was holding the door frame, and he turned slightly to look inside the room, his voice was quiet and calm, “Come on in.”

Yu Chu walked in.

Su Yanbai closed the door and saw the girl walk over, brought the hair dryer, “Your hair is still wet, come on, let me dry your hair.”

He settled down and sat on the sofa, letting her hold his shoulder behind him.

The girl’s five fingers, gently moved through the young man’s delicate and wet hair.

While Yu Chu was holding a hairdryer, she watched the boy’s delicate profile from behind.

He had a beautiful side face, a white ear, and the whole man was “crystal-clear” under the light.

She closed her lips and squinted her eyes.

Quietly finishing blow drying his hair, she put the dryer aside/to the side, and ducked/lowered her head closer to his neck.

The girl bent down and put her hands around the teenager’s neck from behind, leaning against his side, the skin felt smooth and delicate. She blinked, “Don’t be angry, I haven’t liked him, really.”

On the last plane, An Moer was very jealous. Now, although I have changed a cold personality, the point of eating flying vinegar is exactly the same …

The young man turend his face slightly sideways. 

His delicate brows were raised, his upturned/curled  eyelashes, a kind of quiet silence.

It was a while before he looked back.

Yu Chu stared at his long, upturned/curly eyelashes and the faint shadow under his eyelids. Then, she heard the young man’s muffled voice,, whispering, “It’s not your fault… That’s a thing of your past.  I can understand that you’ve liked other people”

Yu Chu was stunned.

The young man bites the delicate red lips, the dark eyes as if hidden in the mist.

Yu Chu had not seen the hidden look in his eyes, and the young man had looked down and stood up calmly.

The girl around his neck was caught by surprise, as she also  was brought up with his movement. 

She was thrown on the sofa after turning around, beautiful white hands wrapped around her waist.

He pursed his lips and squinted his eyes, “But, in the future, don’t like anyone. You can only like me.”

She didn’t react, and stared at the young man.

His exquisite features (brow and eyes) were shadowed against the light, in the depths of the gleaming/flashing (only part of the face that could be seen) eyes was indifference.

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